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High Temperature Split Type Frit furnace(GWL-R)

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Working Temperature






Maximum Temperature






Temperature Control Accuracy


Temperature Uniformity


Temperature Rise Rate

Temperature Rise Rate Can Be Modify(30℃/min | 1℃/h),

 Company Suggest: 1-20℃/min

Crucible Cubage


Heating Element

Silicon Carbide Rod

Silicon molybdenum rod

Placing Crucible Method

Top side to placing crucible and remove 

Material Passes in and out

Top side to passes in and Bottom side pass out.

Crucible Material

High purity zirconium quartz (99.9%)

Cooling Structure

Double Layer Furnace Shell, With Air Cooling.

Standard Accessories

Heating Elements, Specification   Certificate, Heat Insulation Brick, Crucible Pliers, High Temperature Gloves.


Can be adding material under high temperature environment, The High   temperature solution can be timely outflow.

1.      Temperature accuracy±1 ; Constant   temperature±1(Base on Heating zone   size ) 

2.      Simplicity for operation ,programablePID automatic modify,   automatic temperature rise, automatic temperature retaining   , automatic cooling, unattended operation;

3.      High Speed Temperature rise rate.   (temperature rise rate 1/h to 30/min can be modify);

4.      Energy- Saving(furnace hearth made up   by import fiber material, excellent thermostability, Tolerance the extreme   heat and cold)

5.      Double layer loop protection. (over   temperature protection, over pressure protection, over current   protection, thermocouple protection, Power supply protection and so   on)

6.      Furnace surface after spraying   plastics it will resistance acid and alkali and also having   corrosion-proof, the furnace wall temperature approaching the indoor   temperature.

7.      Furnace hearth materials: 1200℃:High Purity Alumina Fiber   Board; 1400℃:High purity alumina (Contain   zirconium) fiberboard; 1600℃:Import High Purity Alumina Fiber   Board; 1700-1800℃:High Purity alumina   polymer fiber board.

8.      Crucible Cubage below 5L need to equip   with an extension plug.

Furnace Hearth Dimension And Crucible   Can Be Customized, More Details Please Contact Us

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