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Touch Screen Control

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Touch screen control

Screen Dimension

7inch; 10inch; 14inch TFT True Color

Appearance Dimension

206W*156H*50D(mm) 280W*200H*50D(mm)

Display Resolution


Background Light


Power Rating




Operation Language

Chinese/English (Switch freely)

Screen Display And Operation

Dashboard, Photo Column, Historical Trend, Data Report, Alarm Information, Data Export, Process Flow, System Management, etc.

Control Objective

Temperature, Pressure, Flux And Liquid Level and so on

Temperature Control

Touch Screen & High Precision Integrated   Module

Start Temperature Rise

Touch operation

Pause Temperature Rise

Stop Temperature Rise

Loading Platform Passed In And Out

Loading Platform Rise And Fall


Flow Chart

Base on furnace structure or process   flow

Temperature Curve Formulation

Touch to the operation, 30 segments of each curve

Storage Quantity Of Temperature Curve

Unlimitedeach curve can be named in   English or Chinese

Real-time Display

Name of operation curve,Operation Code,Segment time,Segment running time,Digital temperature,Real-time curve,Power output 100%

Selection Segment No. To Start Segment   (Cross Segment Start)

Touch to Operation

Curve range

Can Be Modify

Curve Record

Storage Around 20 Month

Data ReportEXCEL

Multipoint simultaneous displayUSB Extension Support

History curve, Report record (save)   time interval

1s-3600s Can be modified, multipoint simultaneous display

(USB Extension Support)

Alarm Instructions

Color Change(Red)

Alarm Information Language

Chinese Display (Alarm Description and   time)

Data Output Port


Printer Interface

Parallel Port 

Touch Screen Safety Protection

Password Control (Without password cannot doing operation)

Communication Interface


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