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Electric heating energy saving ceramic fiber furnace hearth

Author: Publish Date:2018-03-30 Views:184

Product description:

   Fiber electric heating module using the special process Inlaying the fiber material with resistance wire, to form a single fibrous electrothermal hearth, the resistance wire setup model can be” W/Z/O” type. Molding method can be inlay or flush type. Working temperature around 300-1300℃. It has the unique advantages that is why it is the ideal alternative of the traditional resistance product. KD-GWL Electric heating energy saving ceramic fiber furnace hearth made up by high-temperature resistance fiber materials. Energy-saving effect more than 40% compared with tradition furnace hearth.


  High-temperature stability, low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, excellent compression and flexural strength, simple use and easy to install.

Product Application:

  Tubular furnace, Crucible furnace, Circular arc heater, chamber resistance furnace, large-scale industrial electric heating furnace, All kind special shape resistance heater.

Remark:Product technique data are an average value base on the standard test, it will fluctuate in a certain range, is not the quality assurance data of the product.

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