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  Luoyang Juxing Kiln Co., Ltd ( The enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification (03414Q2008R0M)) Specializes in the research and production, development all kind high-temperature furnaces| high-temperature furnace |vacuum atmosphere furnace|experimental furnace|chamber furnace|tube furnace|resistance furnace|lifting furnace|bell type furnace|Bogie hearth furnace|roller table furnace |mesh belt furnace |tunnel furnace | industrial furnace professional manufacturers! Our product has the advantages of automatic control, fast heat, energy-saving, simple operation, programmable microcomputer control, automatic temperature control, temperature control precision and high precision of constant temperature, the furnace shell temperature is close to indoor temperature, etc, we got excellent feedback from our customers! After years of development the company has a maturity high-temperature kiln production line and also has a Middle or high scientific research team, it is a specializes in the research and production and marketing integrated private enterprise.  Our company based on the principle of seeking truth from facts innovation first and user foremost, keeps introduced advanced technology and modern management experience from domestic and international, and also made the rigorous process standard and strict quality control system and testing method.

  Our company product has an experimental electric furnace,production type high temperature kiln,kiln,atmosphere furnace,vacuum furnace; high temperature electric furnace,chamber furnace,tube furnace , sintering furnace , bell type furnace, Sintering furnace,Pit type furnace,chamber electric furnace,high temperature furnace,electric furnace,Pit type electric furnace,horizontal furnace,muffle furnace,resistance furnace,tube electric furnace, roller table furnace,high temperature electric experimental furnace,high temperature electric chamber furnace,high temperature tube furnace,high temperature atmosphere furnace,high temperature kiln, high temperature bell type furnace,high temperature sintering furnace, fluoride sintering furnace,fluoride dryer furnace,fluoride heat furnace ,dryer kiln, ITO  target kiln, energy saving electric furnace,electric firing furnace ,ceramic furnace, nanometer furnace, physical experiment electric furnace, Chemical experiment electric furnace, glasses sintering  electric furnace, glasses melting furnace, molybdenum rod furnace, carbide rod furnace, Bogie hearth kiln, ceramic reheating furnace, chemical reheating furnace, electronic heating furnace, metallurgical reheating furnace, ceramic sintering furnace, chemical sintering furnace, metallurgical sintering furnace and so on. widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, luminescent materials, non-ferrous metals, chemical industry, machinery, refractories, new materials development, special materials, building materials, and other fields.

  The experimental furnace includes (chamber furnace, tube furnace, Pit type furnace, lifting furnace, sintering furnace, vacuum furnace, atmosphere furnace)and so on, mainly used for college, Research Institute, factory, laboratory and so on the institute to research and development the new materials.

  Kiln and production furnace include(large chamber electric furnace, large Pit type electric furnace bell-type furnace, Bogie hearth kiln  roller table kiln  and shuttle kiln )and so on,mainly using ceramics, electronics, glass, luminescent materials, non-ferrous metals, chemical, mechanical, refractory materials, new materials development, special materials, building materials and other fields.

  All type furnace and kiln have the high level of automation ,are of domestic leading position, sold to 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, special economic regions, state major university ,state major laboratory, Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese institutions of higher learning, which has been exported to North America, Russia, Philippines, Japan and other countries. Also, they have a high reputation in the same industry.