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1. The company has complied with the requirements of iso9001:2000 international quality management system and strictly controlled the various links. The enterprise has passed the iso9001:2008 quality management system certification (03414Q2008R0M) 

2. the product strictly carries out the relevant country, the international latest standard, carries on the design, the product manufacture.

3. Strictly control the quality of the products, and the quality inspection department shall conduct a strict inspection on the raw materials, outsourcing, outsourcing and homemade parts according to the technical documents, and close the source of good products. The production process shall carry out routine inspection and confirmation inspection of the products in accordance with the technical documents of self-inspection, mutual inspection, sampling, semi-finished products and finished products, so as to ensure the quality products are out of the factory.

4. strengthening quality consciousness, improve the quality of employees, by regularly to all managers and operators with professional skills training, improve the management level and operation ability, the quality consciousness permeate every link.

5. under the condition of the users to comply with the storage and use, as of the date of delivery from factory, not more than 12 months, products such as damage due to manufacturing quality problem or can't normally use, the manufacturer is responsible for free replacement and repair.

6. After receiving the letter from the user, the after-sales service department will give a clear reply within 24 hours. Product failure during the period of "three guarantees", we are informed the user after 24 hours, the province provincial within 48 hours of every aircraft navigation to send professional personnel to the user scene for processing.

7. Our marketing and service staff will be honest and patient with your Suggestions and opinions and answer your questions quickly, accurately and in detail.

8. After-sales service of products shall be followed by lifelong tracking service, and spare parts and technical consultation shall be provided at any time. Use regular interview, discussion, consultation and other forms to feedback user information, analyze and implement improvement measures to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

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